Chochołowska Valley

Chochołowska Valley

ceny biletów wstępu do Tatrzańskiego Parku Narodowego:
1. Bilety - 1 dniowe
a) bilety normalne 5.00 zł
b) bilety ulgowe 2.50 zł

2. Bilety - 7 dniowe
a) bilety normalne 25.00 zł
b) bilety ulgowe 12.50 zł

3. Bilety grupowe (do 10 osób)
a) bilety normalne 45.00 zł
b) bilety ulgowe 22.50 zł

To Chochołowska Valley (around 6km from our place) you can get by bus, car or you can start off by bike.

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Chochołowska Valley is the most eastern located valley in the Tatra Mountains. From the entrance ( Siwa Polana) to about half the lenght of the valley(Polana Huciska) runs an asphalt road which then turns into a grvael road.

Chochołowska Valley

To the mountain shelter, you can easily walk, which takes around 2h ↓ 1:30 h (7,5km). In the valley, you are also allowed to use a bike as the structure of the road is perfect for that. By the entrance to the valley you can rent a bike. There is also a wheel railway, which can take you half the way to Polana Huciska. You can also take a horse harriage, which will take you all the way to Polana Chochołowska- it is especially amazing in the winter!

At the beginning of the valley there are vast areas of clearings, what made the valley one of the largest shepherding centres. You can stop by the shepherd's hut and try some local cheese named 'Oscypek' or drink " Żentyca'. When the spring season comes, the clearings are filled with crocuses. It is an amazing occurence and you just have to see it by yourself!

Chochołowska valley is also a perfect start for higher parts of Tatras. The west side of Tatras is our favourite so we will be more than happy to recommend you some trails.

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