The price of the tickets to the Tatra National Park:

1 day ticket:
regular ticket 6.00 zł
discounted ticket 3.00 zł

7 days ticket:
regular ticket 30.00 zł
discounted ticket 15.00 zł

Group ticket ( up to 10 persons)
regular ticket 54.00 zł
discounted ticket 27.00 zł

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Giewont is an indicator of Zakopane and at the same time one of te most chracteristic mountains peaks in Tatras rising to a height of 1894 m above the sea level and being 2.7 km long.


Its main peak – The Grand Giewont is the heighest peak in the Western part of Tatras located entirely in Poland.

There is a legend associated with this peak about '' Sleeping soldiers'' who are waiting dormant in the cave of Giewont. Their sleep will be interruptted when ''...the bad times for the country come''.

From Kościelisko to Giewont there are few trails:

  1. The shortest one- the yellow trail from Gronik through Małej Łąki Valley to Kondracka col and from here furhter along the blue trail. Time of walking from Gronik to the col 2:45 h ↓ 2:05 h. Time of walking from the col to the top of Giewont 30 min, ↓ 20 min.
  2. Recommended by us - one day trip along the red trail from Kościeliska Valley through Red Peaks to Kopa Kondracka, and then along the yellow trail to Kondracka col and from here further along the blue trail. On the way back you can go along the yellow trail to Małej Łąki Valley or along the blue trail to Kondratowa Valley and then through Kalatówki to Kuźnice. From there you can take a bus to Kościelisko. Such a trip can also be made in the opposite direction.
  3. The blue trail from Kuźnice to Giewont is the mildest climb of all available.


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