The Tatra Museum

Regular ticket: 7,00 zł
Discounted ticket: 5,50 zł

The Tatra Museum

The Main Building
Krupówki 10

Different opening hours in individual branches of the Museum.

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It is a mandatory place to visit by art and highlander culture lovers as well as a perfect alternative, when the weather is not ideal.

The Tatra Museum

The Tatra Museum has been established by the Tatra Museum Society in 1889 and it is one of the oldest regional museums in Poland.

The museum collects works of art, nature and etnographic specimens and archival and library materials.

Collections are exposed at permanent exhibitions in the main building by Krupówki Street as well as in different branches ie.e. :

  • The Art Gallery of the 20th century i Willa 'Oksza'. The permanent exhibition 'Artists and Art in Zakopane' shows creation of artists until the 1939, when Zakopane was an artistic and intellectual centre for Poles for example: the architecture and ornaments in 'Zakopane' style, collection of portraits by Witkacy and paintings by Rafał Malczewski.
  • Museum of 'Zakopane' style – permanent exhibition in the 19th century Gąsienica Sobczak hut showing sources of Witkiewicz's style ( architecture, furnishings of highlanders huts)
  • Willa Koliba (on the picture) – architecture and interior in 'Zakopane' style.
  • The Władysław Hasior Gallery .
  • Art Gallery in Koziniec – Temporary exhibitions
  • The Kornel Makuszyński Museum – the museum of the famous writer with many precious works of art and keepsakes.
  • The Museum of Chochołowskie Uprising - Permanent exhibition: Chochołowskie Uprising in 1846 in etnographic interiors from the first half of the 19th century.

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